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The story of Thokozani Malango might inspire you
Thokozani was a primary school teacher and development worker before we identified her selling talent. If you remember last week we spoke of how sales skills are on high demand. She possessed most of the traits we look for in sales people
So she got a selling job and is currently a top sales person at her work place.
She works extremely hard to find new ways to turn people she meets into customers Some day we will document some of the amazing sales work she has done in order to hit her targets Never stop learning and don’t forget to apply for the recent sales vacancies we have sent out If you are gifted and have the capabilities.
We will find you !
From Recruiter that loves you. ❤️
Her advice : Hustle like Mbuli and work hard like you own the company.



Last year Mr Joseph and his team joined sales but had no clue on where to start from. Things were not really working for them. They registered for Jump-start and attended. It pushed them to become good in sales. In his words, he said "the training really worked, now we are able to beat our monthly targets. I owe you!!!
This can be you, it will be you. All you have to is create your account on the website and apply The available jobs.
Wishing You all the Best. ❤️